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Forward from the director QUALITY ASSURANCE

I would like to welcome you to the web page of the Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) of King Ceasor University. The DQA is the focal point for both External and Internal Quality Review (QR) preparations. Moreover, DQA plays a pivotal role in introducing quality assurance activities in the context of education, especially to achieve the mission of the University “To produce upstanding, resourceful graduates responsive to local and global demands through the provision of technology-driven education, research and innovation of the highest standards” by supporting the University to incorporate quality dimensions into its activities. To achieve that, the DQA has been involved in a number of evaluations of staff, students and stakeholders especially with the Institutional Self Assessment. The DQA also conducts meetings with its stakeholders in order to streamline the practices. For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us if you still need some clarification.



To pursue research, teaching and learning of international distinction, academically current innovative and responsive to local and global community needs.


To be recognized as a moral rearmament, wealth multiplication and innovation driven University.

Core values

Professionalism, Integrity, Excellence, and Innovation and Creativity

Activities of the Directorate of Quality Assurance

1. Formulate quality assurance policy guidelines for the University,
2. Develop instruments for monitoring institutional operations of the University;
3. Conduct periodic internal reviews;
4. Build capacity for quality assurance within the University;
5. Organise regular sensitisation workshop for all staff to promote an understanding of quality assurance processes;
6. Monitor, guide and provide advice on QA activities to all sections of the University.


Eng. Timothy MunyandindaEstates Department
Mr. Wemessa RichardSchool of Law and Management Sciences
Mr. Julius N.Department of Computing
Mr. Fahad MusasiziDepartment of Agriculture
Mr. Kenneth N.Department of Business
Dr. Mpora and Dr. Martin OdokiDepartment of Medicine
Dr. Frank MagandaDepartment of Allied Health Sciences
MS. Zoe MLaw Department
Ms. Marcella NsengaDepartment of Nursing
Mr. Solomon RubihayoSchool of Science, Computing & Engineering