King Ceasor University

Ignite The Future

About King Ceasor University

King Ceasor University (KCU) is widely regarded as one of Uganda’s most exceptional private universities, attracting a cosmopolitan and diverse student population from various countries such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Palestine, India, Rwanda, Malawi, Ethiopia, and South Sudan, among others. KCU offers a vast array of programs that provide students with an advantageous head start in their career paths.

KCU at a Glance

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Our Vision

An innovation driven University

Our Mission

To provide a holistic education through inventive teaching, learning, and research aimed at fostering socio-economic transformation.


Ignite the Future

Core Values


We recognize that learning never ends.


We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and conduct our affairs in ways that promote mutual trust and public confidence.


We hold ourselves, collectively and individually, liable to do what is right.


We treat all people with dignity, respect and impartiality.


We are stronger and more effective as a team than as individuals.

University Council

Chairperson University Council
Mrs. Elizabeth K. M. Gabona
Vice Chairperson University Council

The University Council Board consists of 11 members.


Dr. Charity Basaza Mulenga
Vice Chancellor
Dr. Byarugaba Bonaventura
Deputy Vice Chancellor

The University Administration Consists of several members.

KCU Comprehensive Education

Our educational philosophy combines physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth with traditional academic learning, in keeping with our motto of ‘Moral Re-armament and Wealth Creation.’ KCU alumni are well-rounded individuals who can reason and evaluate problems, work well in groups, and are trustworthy.

Every year, KCU hosts a graduation ceremony and issues transcripts on graduation day, allowing our graduates to enter the job market faster. Our students receive their certifications as soon as they complete their studies.

The history of KCU

King Ceasor Augustus Mulenga conceived the idea of establishing the university in 2009 and obtained an interim letter of authority. On 26th September 2011 the University obtained a Provisional License from NCHE. The change of names (Montessori University in 2009, St. Augustine International University in 2010 -2019, and King Ceasor University 2020-todate).