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Being the best university, We look at every single applicant’s application, and academic and personal records, to select students who suit our community with a full range of backgrounds.

From your professors and Lecturers to your friends and teammates, King Ceasor University is a vibrant community where you can feel supported and encouraged. No matter where you come from, King Ceasor University is home.

Open to all, these unique materials can take you to places you never expected. Access a growing number of electronic resources available

Do you love to question and have an appetite for knowledge? Do you consistently achieve top grades in your class? Are you looking for an exceptional education? KCU might be the place for you

KCU-CRIC is dedicated to supporting students and researchers financially and technically to carry out leading-edge research aimed at solving the world’s most challenging problems


King Ceasor University (KCU) is one of the private, cosmopolitan universities in Uganda with a diversity of international students from Tanzania, Nigeria, Palestine, India, Rwanda, Malawi, Ethiopia, and South Sudan to name a few. Our colleges of Medicine and Life Science, Law and Business Management, Engineering and Informatics, among others, offer an array of program options that put you in pole position to begin your career.

King Ceasor University is the brain child of King Ceasor Mulenga for public benefit and it is recognized globally. So far, KCU has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a world leader in higher education, the University has pioneered change in the sector.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a moral rearmament, wealth multiplication, and innovation-driven University.



Welcome to the best university! We take great pride in considering each and every applicant, reviewing not only their academic achievements but also their unique personal experiences. Our goal is to create a diverse and inclusive community, and we believe that students from all backgrounds can thrive here.


Are you ready to explore new opportunities and reach new heights in your academic journey? Then look no further than King Caesar University! Our exceptional faculty and top-tier programs offer a world-class education that will inspire creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.


KCU offers excellent academics, research, and facilities that prepare students to tackle societal problems.  KCU’s dynamic scholarly community will support you in exploring new frontiers of knowledge and innovation, as you achieve your academic and personal goals as you head out in the world.

student life

At KCU, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch academic and personal development opportunities to our students. Our focus on providing excellent facilities, world-class faculty, and robust student organizations is geared towards helping each and every one of our students fulfill their potential both in their academic and personal life.


The library at King Ceasor University is not just a mere resource, but a place where greatness is born. It is a fully-equipped facility that offers a vast and diverse collection of books, journals, and research materials. These resources are there to aid the academic and research journey of every student and faculty member during there journey at KCU.

Schools @ KCU

We take pride in being the best university there is! Every single applicant’s application and records are meticulously reviewed to ensure that we select students who will perfectly complement our diverse community. We believe that each one of you has the potential to shine with your unique background and individual strengths.


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Be Exceptional

Make Yourself Successful in Your Studies Be Exceptional Everyone in the world has above-average strength in some specific areas. If for example, you are not a talented singer, actor, or …

Make Yourself Successful in Your Studies

Be Exceptional Everyone in the world has above-average strength in some specific areas. If for example, you are not a talented singer, actor, or artist, you may be a good …

Avoid wasting time

Make Yourself Successful in Your Studies Avoid wasting time Time that is wasted during school time never comes back. This is the reason why, at the end of each term …


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Scholarships at King Ceasor University (KCU) are provided through the King Ceasor Development Kingdom program. Scholarships are provided to undergraduate students who meet the minimum admission requirements to the program of study of choice at KCU. The scholarship provides a tuition waiver for a particular year of study and targets students from underprivileged backgrounds. Students in their second year of study and above are not eligible to receive the King Ceasor Development Kingdom Scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, personal achievement, and academic ability. The Scholarship program also offers a range of activities to help you make the most of your King Ceasor University Experience and develop your Career Aspirations. Such activities include:

  1. Volunteering and outreach activities.
  2. Mentoring Sessions
  3. Personal development and skills training sessions


King Ceasor University Library Reading Room
A residential campus with diverse housing, exceptional dining, health care and over 600 student
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King Caesar University places a strong emphasis on art and culture, recognizing these fields as essential components of a comprehensive education.
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King Ceasor University offers activities and services that promote physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of its students
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