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Friday, 14th April, 2023

ISSUE 3, Volume 1


Dear King Ceasor University Community, I hope this message finds you all well and rested during the Easter break. I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for your dedication and hard work in making our recent graduation ceremony a resounding success. It was a wonderful event that celebrated the accomplishments of our graduates, and I am truly proud of their achievements.

I also want to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and efforts of everyone involved in the recent National Council for Higher Education inspection visits. Your dedication and hard work ensured that we met and exceeded the required standards, demonstrating our commitment to providing quality education to our students.

As we resume our activities, I would like to encourage us all to continue working together towards our common goal of providing excellent education to our students and making a positive impact on society.

In addition, I am pleased to introduce you to our University Council. This team is made up of experienced professionals with diverse skills and expertise who are committed to our mission. They met today, 14th April 2023, in the University boardroom, and I am confident that together we will work tirelessly to ensure that we continue to offer high-quality higher education to our students.

Once again, I want to express my gratitude to each and every member of our University community for your hard work and dedication. Let us continue working together towards our common goal of providing the best possible education to our students.

KCU Law Society Visits The Parliament

KCU Law Students

On April 13th, 2023, 45 students studying Law at King Ceasor University visited the Uganda Parliament, The Ugandan Parliament is the legislative body of the Republic of Uganda, located in the capital city Kampala. The Chamber of the Ugandan Parliament is the main meeting place where Members of Parliament (MPs) convene to debate, pass laws, and conduct other parliamentary business.

This excursion was organized through the collaboration of the King Ceasor University LAW Society,( an association that brings together all KCU students in the School of Law ) and the King Ceasor University Administration, Dean School of Law. The experience was very transformative, offering invaluable opportunities for the students to enhance their legal knowledge and practical experiences.

During the visit, the students were able to interact with the parliamentary setting and composition, gaining insight into the history of parliament, its former leaders, symbolic tools, and parliamentary rules and procedures. The students had the privilege of meeting and interacting with the Honorable Deputy Speaker of Parliament and chair board of trustees Thomas Tayebwa, as well as other ministers and Members of Parliament.

As the parliamentarians discussed national matters, the students sited in the parliamentary gallery were able to witness firsthand the execution of the different roles and responsibilities of the honorable members, thus gaining a deeper appreciation for the order and structure of parliament.

The experience proved to be both inspiring and motivating for the law students, rekindling their hope and instilling in them a renewed sense of purpose. The knowledge gained, such as the significance of the Mess as the symbol of power of the Speaker, the role and ranking of the clerk, and the Sergeant in Arms was worth their time.

Overall, the visit was a remarkable experience that exceeded academic expectations. One student even expressed admiration for the parliamentarians’ elegance and vowed to practice walking in a similar manner. The students express their heartfelt appreciation to the Dean of School of Law, the Guild Representatives Councils, and the entire Law Society for making this invaluable opportunity possible.


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KCU Hosts GEAR-TECH Seminar

On April 4th, 2023, the School of Computing and Engineering in conjunction with the ICT department at KCU  hosted a Gear Tech seminar for its students and faculty in the computer forensics laboratory located on the second floor of King Ceasor University main building. The seminar aimed to introduce the students to the technical features and functionalities of the Gear blockchain network and explore its potential applications in the field of decentralized applications (Dapps).

The seminar was conducted by Gear Tech representatives from Russia, Mr. Pavel Salas and Mr. Alexander Bugarkov alongside their Ugandan Ambassadors Mr. Mugisha Abraham and Mr. Nuwagaba Joab. The team was welcomed by the heads of  school of Computing Dr. Habiba Ngugi, Mr. Daniel Adyera and ICT representative Mr. Johnson Matama who introduced them to the participants.

 During the presentation, students learned the basics of blockchain technology, its history, and its potential applications, furthermore, students were given an overview of the technical features and functionalities of the Gear network which include smart contracts for building decentralized applications (Dapps) on the Gear network.

Overall Gear was described as a scalable, interoperable, and customizable blockchain network that offers a range of technical features and functionalities designed to be a flexible and accessible platform for building decentralized applications (Dapps) and supporting the growth of the decentralized web

In conclusion, the Gear tech seminar was a success, with students and faculty gaining a better understanding of the technical features and functionalities of the Gear network and its potential applications. The seminar also provided an opportunity for students to connect with industry experts and explore potential career paths in the field of blockchain technology.

KCU wins FUMSA General Assembly Competitions

KCU Sports


On Thursday 06th April 2023 medical students of KCU journeyed to Gulu to attend the FUMSA (Federation of Uganda Medical Students Association) General Assembly, a conference that was organized to address topics concerning student leadership, challenges faced by students, and health talks on sickle cell disease. The conference was insightful and educational, providing valuable knowledge on issues that impact student life of medical students.

The following day, participants from ten medical schools participated in a thrilling sports competition where football, chess, and Scrabble were played. The football game between Gulu University and King Ceasar University was especially captivating as both teams showed remarkable skill and determination. Although the match ended in a draw in regular time, King Ceasar University triumphed over Gulu University in the penalty shootout, winning by a close score of 9-8.

Once again, King Ceasar University and Gulu University competed in the Scrabble finals during the indoor games. However, the game resulted in a draw, which made it difficult to determine the winner. As King Ceasar University had already won the major trophy of the tournament, it was agreed that Gulu University would receive the trophy for indoor games. Overall, the sports activities were intensely competitive and provided a platform for the medical schools to exhibit their talents and skills.

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Guild President’s message to graduates

More Congratulatory Messages to Graduates; Guild President’s Graduation Message

Since her enactment, King Ceasor University has manifested an unmatched stride in professional Skilling and consequently made an enormous and reputable contribution to Uganda’s Education and that of the world in general.

Our National and international credible portrayal continue to magnify annually and Our Alumni base continues to excel on the global market.

Every hard work at the end of a hard journey is worth a reward. I can understand the contentment you are having upon completion of your studies leading to the attainment of either a degree or a diploma.

My unfeigned felicitations go to each one of you upon this astounding and indelible achievement.

As time goes by, both national and global professional Job competitiveness stiffens but I have the audacity to hope that so does the opportunities.

I know for a fact that KCU has equipped us with versatile and diverse knowledge required to thrive in this dynamic modern world and I am even enthusiastic to forethink how better you will thrive in it.

I now have a leverage on my behalf and that of Guild Government 2023/2024 to fondly congratulate you graduates and challenge you to be heroic, intrepid, innovative, malleable, and buoyant.

surely then can me and the Guild in particular have a strong conviction of your eminence at a global stage.

May the Good Lord bless you as you embark on your new journeys and surely triumph awaits each one of you.


H.E Ruseka Francis 

Guild president KCU 2023/2024