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Friday, 31st March, 2023

Volume II

Message from Editorial Team

As the editorial team, we are still basking in the glow of the King Ceasor University’s third graduation ceremony. Therefore, we are delighted to provide you with some of the event’s highlights. It was also a significant moment for the King Ceasor University community as we got the chance to see the various individuals who make up the university’s different organs, including the Chancellor, members of the University Council, Board of Trustees, and King Ceasor’s University partners from both the Republic of Uganda and diplomatic circles.
H.E King Ceasor Augustus Mulenga T.G

Communication from the Chancellor H.E King Ceasor

The chancellor of King Ceasor University H.E King Ceasor Augustus Mulenga T.G constituted the assembly into the third congregation of King caesar University graduation on 23rd March 2023. Following the various presentations from different heads of academic departments, he conferred degrees and diplomas to 215 graduates. In his speech, he welcomed all the esteemed guests, faculty members, and most importantly congratulated the graduates and the entire King Ceasor University Community for achieving this milestone in their lives. He also expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported them throughout their academic journey. In his speech, the Chancellor emphasized the importance of diversity and multiculturalism at King Ceasor University, with a student and staff population from over 40 countries. The Chancellor implored the graduates and the entire community to take an interest in the latest computer trends, specifically in quantum technology, and stay informed to remain competitive and relevant. He wished them the best of luck in their lives and a happy celebration.
Rt. Hon. Robina Nabbanja
Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda

Communication of the Guest of Honor

The  Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda Rt. Hon. Robina Nabbanja,  praised the founders of King Ceasor University for creating a science-oriented institution focused on wealth creation and multiplication, as guided by the President. She highlighted the government’s efforts to improve the pay and working conditions of scientists, recognizing their critical role in achieving the country’s middle-income status. The Prime Minister encouraged the graduates to use their education to not only improve their personal lives but also positively impact society and inspire future generations.

Dr. Charity Mulenga

Communication from the Vice Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Charity Mulenga, warmly welcomed all the guests, dignitaries, and members present at the third King Ceasor University graduation ceremony, where 215 graduands received degrees and diplomas in their respective disciplines of study.

She acknowledged the presence of some distinguished guests, including the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, who serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor of King Ceasor University, Honorable Ministers, Ambassadors and High Commissioners, Members of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda, and members of the University Council.

Dr. Charity Mulenga expressed her appreciation to the administrative staff, support staff, and parents for their unwavering support throughout the academic journey of the graduands. She also congratulated and thanked the Chairman of the University Council, Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Vice Chairperson, Ms. Elizabeth Gabona, and the entire University Council on their appointments, while also expressing gratitude to the outgoing Council for their dedicated services to King Ceasor University.

Communication from the Chairman University Council

Hon. Dr.  Chris Baryomunsi, the chairperson of King Ceasor University Council who doubles as the Minister for Information Communication Technology and National Guidance, and the official spokesperson of the Government of Uganda welcomed all the guests to the 3rd graduation ceremony of King Ceasor University in their respective capacities. He extended his heartfelt congratulations to all the graduating students for their remarkable achievement and reminded them of how their hard work, perseverance, and dedication had paid off.

He also expressed gratitude to the National Council for Higher Education and Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council for their tremendous support and guidance.  In his final remarks,  he introduced the University Council and welcomed the Deputy Speaker of Parliament who also serves as the chair Board of Trustees Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, to address the congregation.

Hon. Dr.  Chris Baryomunsi

Communication from the Chairman Board of Trustees

The Chair board of trustees Hon. Thomas Tayebwa who also serves as the Deputy speaker of Parliament warmly welcomed the congregation to the third graduation ceremony of King Ceasor University. He expressed his gratitude to the Chancellor, H.E King Ceasor, for his selfless service to humanity, particularly the underprivileged citizens of the nation. The speaker’s words conveyed a sense of honor and appreciation for the work of the Chancellor, setting a positive tone for the ceremony.

Hon. Thomas Tayebwa