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The library was started to meet the teaching, curriculum, educational, and research needs of the King Ceasor University educational community. The library was started in 2011 when the University was opened. Originally it started with few print books but over the years its collection has risen tremendously to include electronic information materials. The library also boasts of automation of most of its activities which is a must for efficiency and effective service delivery in this century.

Our Vision

To inform the KCU campus and the wider community through our educational resources, technologies, and expertise.

Our Mission

To transform the lives of our KCU members by facilitating discovery, creativity, teaching, learning, and research.


  • Support learning
  • Facilitate discovery
  • Research and Efficiency
  • Innovativeness


King Ceasor University Maintains a well stocked & Updated Library


  • Mobile phones are to be placed on silent mode or switched off and no calls are to be taken or received
  • Readers should work quietly and be considerate to others using the Reading Room
  • Readers should take care when handling library books. DONOT SPILL DRINKS OR EATS IN THE BOOKS
  • Damage or theft of material or possessions of readers is an offence and those responsible will be prosecuted
  • Reprographic regulations should be complied with. Please ask for an information sheet at the Supervisor’s Desk
  • Use of earphones or headsets is greatly encouraged to avoid noise.

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  1. Do not lend your Library Books to your friends. You are responsible for books you sign out. If your friend wants to read a book, he/she may reserve it, and sign it out from the Library.
  2. Readers must return the material they are consulting to the Supervisor’s Desk before leaving the University at 5:00pm.
  3. Do not eat while reading, and make sure your hands are clean. Keep the book tidy.
  4. Report any damage to the Librarian. Our books are well-used. Pages sometimes rip or fall out as a result. If this happens, please DO NOT try to fix it, as this can actually make the problem worse.
  5. Leave your bag at the entrance desk in the library
  6. Do not move out before registering for the book.
  7. In case a user loses a book/ damages he/she would have to replace the book.
  8. Reference books cannot be taken out of the library.
  9. Only ONE book is allowed per user.
  10. Readers should not write or mark books or material from the library.
  11. Readers must seek permission from a member of staff before taking photographs
  12. Reprographic regulations should be complied with. Please ask for an information sheet at the Librarian’s Desk.
  13. Readers are obliged to comply with the relevant legislation on copyright and data protection when using information from the library


Official Opening & Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Main Library & Reading Rooms

Main Campus Block B Level 1

For Inquiries

Send Email to: [email protected]

Open Access Resources

The internet has become a major source for information, and scholars are often looking for ways to get access to more books and other materials. One way to do this is through open library resources. This service allows students to borrow digital copies of books from libraries around the world.

ebooks have become increasingly popular over the last years. This is due to several factors, including the convenience of being able to read a book anywhere you have an internet connection, as well as the lower cost of purchasing an online book compared to a physical book. In addition, many online books offer interactive features that make reading more engaging.

Below is a list of Open Access ebook sites where to access such material.