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Ms. Sheila Nakazibwe

University Librarian


The library was started to meet the teaching, curriculum, educational, and research needs of the King Ceasor University educational community. The library was started in 2011 when the University was opened. Originally it started with few print books but over the years its collection has risen tremendously to include electronic information materials. The library also boasts of automation of most of its activities which is a must for efficiency and effective service delivery in this century.

Our Vision

To inform the KCU campus and the wider community through our educational resources, technologies, and expertise.

Our Mission

To transform the lives of our KCU members by facilitating discovery, creativity, teaching, learning, and research.


  • Support learning
  • Facilitate discovery
  • Research and Efficiency
  • Innovativeness


King Ceasor University Maintains a well stocked & Updated Library


  • Mobile phones are to be placed on silent mode or switched off and no calls are to be taken or received
  • Readers should work quietly and be considerate to others using the Reading Room
  • Readers should take care when handling library books. DONOT SPILL DRINKS OR EATS IN THE BOOKS
  • Damage or theft of material or possessions of readers is an offence and those responsible will be prosecuted
  • Reprographic regulations should be complied with. Please ask for an information sheet at the Supervisor’s Desk
  • Use of earphones or headsets is greatly encouraged to avoid noise.

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  1. Do not lend your Library Books to your friends. You are responsible for books you sign out. If your friend wants to read a book, he/she may reserve it, and sign it out from the Library.
  2. Readers must return the material they are consulting to the Supervisor’s Desk before leaving the University at 5:00pm.
  3. Do not eat while reading, and make sure your hands are clean. Keep the book tidy.
  4. Report any damage to the Librarian. Our books are well-used. Pages sometimes rip or fall out as a result. If this happens, please DO NOT try to fix it, as this can actually make the problem worse.
  5. Leave your bag at the entrance desk in the library
  6. Do not move out before registering for the book.
  7. In case a user loses a book/ damages he/she would have to replace the book.
  8. Reference books cannot be taken out of the library.
  9. Only ONE book is allowed per user.
  10. Readers should not write or mark books or material from the library.
  11. Readers must seek permission from a member of staff before taking photographs
  12. Reprographic regulations should be complied with. Please ask for an information sheet at the Librarian’s Desk.
  13. Readers are obliged to comply with the relevant legislation on copyright and data protection when using information from the library


Official Opening & Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Main Library & Reading Rooms

Main Campus Block B Level 1

For Inquiries

Send Email to: [email protected]


Below is a list of books available in our book bank, be sure to check them out when you visit the library.

Admnistrative law,AdmiralityHardinge Stanley Giffard Halsbury (Comte de).), James Peter Hymers Mackay of Clashfern2001, 1(1)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Agriculture and Fisheries2007, 1(2)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Eastments to Estople16,(2)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Bankruptcy and Individual Insolvency2002 ,(3) 2Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Elections and Referendums2007,(15) 3Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Elections and Referendums2007, (15)4Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Copyright Corporations2006,9 (2)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Compulsory Acquisition of Land2003,8 (1)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Mines and Misrepresentations2003,31Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Executors and Admnistrators Explosive Extradictions17/o2Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Fire services, Food and Foreign relations law18(2)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Income Taxation23(1)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Income Taxation23(2)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Intoxicating liquor and land Registration2004. 26Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
London Government to Market First Street Trading29/2Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Medicinal Products and Drugs30(2)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Pledges, Pounds, Police Ports and Harbours2007 36(1)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Post Office to Prize36(2)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Rating and Council Tax39,(1B)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Rail ways and Inland Water Ways and Cross Country Pipe Lines39(1A)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Road Traffic2007 (40)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Trade Marks and Trade Names2007 (48)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Sale of Land to Sherriffs2007 (42)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Partnership to Personal Property32Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Social Security and Pensions44(2)Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
European Committees 1-1251Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
European Committees 12-2152Butterworths978 0 4060 4753 3
Agency, Agriculture, Fisheries and Food1Butterworths
Allotments, Small Holdings, Animals, Arbirtatration, Architects2Butterworths
Armed forces, War emergency3Butterworths
Bankruptcy and Inslovenvency4(2)Butterworths
Burrial Cremetation Charities and Carriers5Butterworths
Children and Family law6(2)Butterworths
Children and Family law6(3)Butterworths
CivilLliberty, Human Rights and Equality7(1)Butterworths
Companys Partnerships8Butterworths
Commerce and Competition9Butterworths
Consititutional Law ( Statutes of West Minister11275) European Communities Act.10(1)Butterworths
Constitutional Law Bahamas Independence Act 1973 to Government Resources and Accounts act(2000)10(2)Butterworths
Constitutional Law/Political Parties Elections and Referendum Act 2000 to Constitutional Reform and Governance act 2010.10(3)Butterworths
Contracts, Courts , Judgement; Legal services( Justicesof the peace act)/1361 to Country Courts: Penalties for Contempt Act 198311(1)Butterworths
Courts Judgement and Legal Services (country courts act 1984- courts act 200311(2)Butterworths
Courts Judgements and Legal Services( Criminal Justice act 2003 to Childrens Schools Families Act 2010)11(3)Butterworths
Criminal Law (Treason act 1351 to Police and Criminal Evidence act 1994)12(1)Butterworths
Criminal Law (Prosecution of offences Act 1985 to Criminal Cases Review Act 199912(2)Butterworths
Criminal Law (Powers of Criminal Courts Act 2000 to Crime Act 2003)12(3)Butterworths
criminal law anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 to Seroius Organised Crimes and Police Act 200512(4)Butterworths
Criminal Law( Drugs Act 2005 to Police Detention and Bail Act 2011)12(5)Butterworths
Culture Licencing Entertainment and Damage Distress13Butterworths
Ecclestical Law14Butterworths
Education 1571-200115(1)Butterworths
Education 2002-201115(2)Butterworths
Energy and Minning 1920-199017(1)Butterworths
Energy and Minning 1991-200117(2)Butterworths
European Community Evidence, Executors, Admninstrators, Explosives, Extradiction, Fire and Rescue Services, Foresting, Health and Safety at Work18Butterworths
Enviroment; Town Improvement Close Act 1847 to Wild Life and Country Side Act 198918(1)Butterworths
Enviroment; Local Government Miscelleneous Provisions Act1982 Royal Parks Trading Act 200018(2)Butterworths
Enviroment Finance Act 2000 Domestic Fire Safety, Wales Measure 201118(3)Butterworths
Financial Services and Institutions; Bank of England Act 1694 to Reinsuarance Act199319(1)Butterworths
Financial Services and Institutions; Finance Act 201019(2)Butterworths
Intellectual Property.19(2a)Butterworths
judgements and enforcement jurys, land drainage,libel and slunder, licensing and liquor duties and limitations of actions19(3)Butterworths
Land Tenants and Housing( 1267-1968)20Butterworths
Land Tennancies and Housing 1969-198521Butterworths
Land Tennancies and Housing 1986-198722Butterworths
Land Tennancies and Housing 2002-201123Butterworths
Local Government 1662-197124Butterworths
Local Government 1672-199125Butterworths
Local Government 1992-200026Butterworths
Local Government 2001-201227Butterworths
Medical Services, Health and Care Regulation, Medical Act 1858 to Health and Medicines Act 198828Butterworths
medical services.health and care regulations, opticians act 1999 to commission to older people act 198829Butterworths
Medical Services.Health and Care Regulations, National Health Care Service Act 2006 to Mental Health Measure 201030Butterworths
Nationality and Immigration31Butterworths
Negligance Northern Ireland32Butterworths
Pensions and Super Annuation33Butterworths
Planning 1900 to 201134(2)Butterworths
Police and Fire and Rescue services, Postal services35(1)Butterworths
Registration, Roads, Rail ways, Transport( London Harckney Carriage Act 1981 to Highways Act 200836Butterworths
Roads Rail ways, Transport( road traffic reduction act 1997 to local transport act 2008)37(2)Butterworths
roads rail ways, transport( road traffic offenders act 1988 to channnel tunnel rail link act 1996)38(1)Butterworths
Roads Railways, Transport(Public Passenger Vehiclesact 1981 to Road Traffic act 1988.37Butterworths
Sale of Goods and Consumer Law Sherrifs and Baliffs39(1)Butterworths
Shipping and Ports39(2)Butterworths
Social Security 1995-201240(2)Butterworths
Social Security 1947-199540(1)Butterworths
Stamp Duties Statutes41Butterworths
Taxes, Customs and Excise/ Customs Consolidation Act 1876 to Inhertance Tax Act 198442Butterworths
Taxes Customs and Excise( Finance Act 1985 to Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 199443Butterworths
Taxes Customs and Excise( Corporation Tax Act 2010 to Finance NO.3 act 201044Butterworths
Taxes Customs and Excise( corporation tax act 2009 to borders citizenship and immigration act)45Butterworths
Taxes Customs and Excise( corporation tax act 2010 to finance no.3 act(2009)46Butterworths
Time, Tort, Trust Wills and Estates47Butterworths
Water, Sea, Sand,Water Industry act(1991)51Butterworths
water resources act 1991flood and water management act 2010)52Butterworths
Water Sea Sand Devon and Corn Wall 1609 t o Water Indusry Act 1991 Flood and Water Industry act 1991)50Butterworths
Water Water Resources Act 1991 Flood, Water Management Act 2010)51Butterworths
Cummulative Supplement 201252Butterworths
Carriage and CarriersLord Mackay of Clash fern2008 (7)Butterworths
CharitiesLord Mackay of Clash fern2010 (8)Butterworths
Customs and ExciseLord Mackay of Clash fern2012 (31)Butterworths
Insuarance and Insuarance Premium TaxLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(60)Butterworths
Planning 1900 to 2011Lord Mackay of Clash fern2010 (82)Butterworths
Licensing and Gambling, Lien and limitation periods.Lord Mackay of Clash fern2008 (68)Butterworths
Highways, streets and bridgesLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(55)Butterworths
Health and Safety at WorkLord Mackay of Clash fern2009'(53)Butterworths
EducationLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(35)Butterworths
EducationLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(36)Butterworths
EmploymentLord Mackay of Clash fern2009 (39)Butterworths
EmploymentLord Mackay of Clash fern2009 (40)Butterworths
Agency, Agricultural land and Agricultural Production and MarketingLord Mackay of Clash fern2008(01)Butterworths
EmploymentLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(41)Butterworths
Energy and climate changeLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(42)Butterworths
Consumer credit and consumer protectionLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(21)Butterworths
Energy and climate change 2011 (43)Lord Mackay of Clash fern2011(16)Butterworths
Company and partnership insolvencyLord Mackay of Clash fern2011 (16)Butterworths
Ecclestical LawLord Mackay of Clash fern2011 (34)Butterworths
Civil procedureLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(11)Butterworths
Energy and climate changeLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(44)Butterworths
Enviromental Quality and Public HealthLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(46)Butterworths
CompaniesLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(14)Butterworths
Children and young persons 2012(10)Lord Mackay of Clash fern2012(10)Butterworths
Immigration and Assylum and information technology lawLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(57)Butterworths
Matrimonial and civil partnership lawLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(73)Butterworths
Legal proffessionsLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(66)Butterworths
Licensing and Gambling.Lord Mackay of Clash fern2008(67)Butterworths
Matrimonial and civil partnership lawLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(72)Butterworths
Road trafficLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(90)Butterworths
Negilgance, nuisance, oil and gas taxation, open spaces, country side and parliament.Lord Mackay of Clash fern2010(78)Butterworths
Mistake, Mortage, National Cultural HeritageLord Mackay of Clash fern2010 (11)Butterworths
Land lord and TenantLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(63)Butterworths
PlanningLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(81)Butterworths
Partnership, Patent and registered designs, Peerages and dignitiesLord Mackay of Clash fern2008(79)Butterworths
Land lord and TenantLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(64)Butterworths
Land lord and TenantLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(62)Butterworths
Legal Aid and Legal proffessionalsLord Mackay of Clash fern2008(65)Butterworths
Consolidated Tables cases M-Z ECJ Cases.Lord Mackay of Clash fern2012(92)Butterworths
Sentecing and disposition of OffendersLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(92)Butterworths
Civil procedureLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(12)Butterworths
CompaniesLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(15)Butterworths
Financial services and institutionsLord Mackay of Clash fern2008(48)Butterworths
Choses in Action,Clubs, Common hold, Commons and Common wealthLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(13)Butterworths
Contempt of court, ContractLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(22)Butterworths
Coroners, Corporations, Courts and tribunals, Cremetation and burrialLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(24)Butterworths
Children and young persons 2012(10)Lord Mackay of Clash fern2012(9)Butterworths
Armed conflict and emergency and Armed forcesLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(3)Butterworths
HousingLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(56)Butterworths
Financial services and institutionsLord Mackay of Clash fern2008(49)Butterworths
Health ServicesLord Mackay of Clash fern2008(54)Butterworths
Air law , Animals and ArbiturationLord Mackay of Clash fern2008(2)Butterworths
Building, Building contracts and capital gains taxationLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(6)Butterworths
Auction,Bailment and pledge, boundaries and british natioanlity broad castingLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(4)Butterworths
Forestry, Gifts and Health and safety at workLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(52)Butterworths
Financial Services and insititutionsLord Mackay of Clash fern2008(50)Butterworths
Local government FinanceLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(70)Butterworths
local GovernmentLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(69)Butterworths
PlanningLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(83)Butterworths
Medical ProffessionalsLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(74)Butterworths
Criminal ProcedureLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(27)Butterworths
Criminal LawLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(25)Butterworths
Confidence and informational privacy, Conflict of LawsLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(19)Butterworths
Customs and ExciseLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(30)Butterworths
Criminal procedureLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(28)Butterworths
Company Partnership and insolvencyLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(17)Butterworths
Competition and compulsory acquisition of landLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(18)Butterworths
Real property and RegistrationLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(87)Butterworths
Ports and harbours, Postal services, Prisons and prisoners, prize and publishingLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(81)Butterworths
International Relations law, judicial reviews, juries and land fill taxLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(61)Butterworths
Road trafficLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(89)Butterworths
Wills and IntestancyLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(103)Butterworths
Wills and IntestancyLord Mackay of Clash fern2011(102)Butterworths
StatutesLord Mackay of Clash fern2013Butterworths
Cummulative Supplement 2012 volume 1 -30Lord Mackay of Clash fern2012 part 1Butterworths
Cummulative Supplement 2012 volume 2 -30Lord Mackay of Clash fern2012(52)Butterworths
Consolidated index P-Z Words and PhrasesLord Mackay of Clash fern2012Butterworths
Shipping and Maritime lawLord Mackay of Clash fern2008(93)Butterworths
Telecommunications, time , tort and trade and historyLord Mackay of Clash fern2010 (97)Butterworths
Sports law, stamp taxes, statutes and legislative processLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(96)Butterworths
Shipping and Maritime lawLord Mackay of Clash fern2008(94)Butterworths
Enviromental Quality and Public HealthLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(45)Butterworths
Value added TaxLord Mackay of Clash fern2012(99)Butterworths
Water and water waysLord Mackay of Clash fern2010(101)Butterworths
Water and water waysLord Mackay of Clash fern2009(100)Butterworths
consolidated index F-OLord Mackay of Clash fern2012Butterworths
Planning 1900 to 201134(1)

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