King Ceasor University

Ignite The Future

King Ceasor University Law Deparment was established with the aim of training excellent and competent lawyers and barristers who will not only espouse superiority at world-class levels but also groom them to be enterprising and very versatile in whatever area of the industry they hope to function. Our lawyers are molded to become assets to their firms, themselves, and their countries at large.

Nationally recognized for our innovative approach to teaching, our department of Law brings together a range of diverse subjects and develops multi-skilled professionals who strive for social justice. From politics to policing, criminology to sociology, and through the lens of law and development, we explore the factors that inhibit equality of opportunity and impact the human experience. We are critical in our approach, and we believe in empowering students to be agents of change in society. The intellectual and practical skills, contemporary knowledge, work experience, and global perspective we offer will leave you poised to pursue a range of rewarding careers worldwide.

Studying for a law degree at King Ceasor University will assist students in developing the core skills and employment-related experiences that are valued by employers whether local, national, or international. The department of law  at King Ceasor University has a well-established tradition of regular consultation with legal professional bodies and top law firms.