School of Agriculture

The school of agriculture is one of King Ceasor University’s colleges dedicated to enhancing agricultural development in Uganda and the region via training, knowledge generation, and service delivery.

The School’s mission is to “develop mental ability of students and equip them with the information, practical skills, and attitudes necessary to favorably affect sustainable agricultural growth, nature conservation, and prudent use of natural resources.”

Agriculture, Horticulture, Land Use and Management, Agricultural Rural Innovation, and Agribusiness Management are among the undergraduate programs we offer. Because graduates of our school are professionals, we make sure that while they are still students, they participate in field internships where they may apply theories, concepts, and approaches in real-life settings. 

The School generates innovations and identifies creative techniques for enhancing agriculture through robust field-based research programs backed by laboratory tests, ensuring beneficial changes in farmers’ livelihoods. The programs identify needs and develop solutions to problems in agriculture, the environment, food, and quality of life. The fact that all of our research activities are related to graduate training distinguishes our School. As a result, we are able to deliver both well-trained Human Resources and well-researched Technologies. It’s no surprise, then, that the School is one of the most productive research units in the country.

We engage in outreach activities to get the word out about the solutions outside of the King Ceasor University campus.