The Bridge, Let's Connect

Volume 2 ISSUE 01

Friday, 19th Apr. 2024

National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) visits KCU

We are happy to inform you of the recent visits by the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE). The NCHE’s visit marks a significant milestone in our journey towards ensuring excellence in education and maintaining high standards of quality at KCU.

The inspection visit by the NCHE is part of the regulatory body’s mandate to ensure quality assurance and compliance with established standards in higher education institutions across the country. During the visit, the NCHE team conducted thorough evaluations of our facilities, academic resources, curriculum, faculty qualifications, administrative processes, and overall adherence to regulatory guidelines.

This visit provided us with an invaluable opportunity to showcase the dedication and hard work of our faculty, staff, and students in upholding the highest standards of education.

During their visits, the NCHE evaluators also had the chance to interact with faculty members, students, and administrative staff, gaining insight into the unique strengths and offerings of KCU. Additionally, they assessed our facilities and resources to ensure they meet the needs of our growing student body.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the NCHE accreditation visit. Your dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind KCU’s continued growth and success. Together, let us strive to uphold the values and standards that define our university as a center of excellence in higher education.

KCU represented at the  Medical Research Exchange Program in Rwanda

We are excited to share the news that a delegation from Medical Students Association of King Ceaser University(MSAKCU), in collaboration with the Federation of Medical Students Association of Uganda (FUMSA), participated in the prestigious Medical Research Exchange Program at the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus, from February 2nd to 5th, 2024. 

The Medical Research Exchange Program offered a unique opportunity for our delegates to engage in academic discourse, collaborative research, and knowledge sharing with fellow medical students from across the region. Through interactive workshops, presentations, and hands-on research projects, our delegates had the chance to delve deep into various medical topics, exchange ideas, and broaden their perspectives on healthcare practices and challenges.

We are immensely proud of the exemplary representation provided by our MSAKCU delegates during the Medical Research Exchange Program. Their active participation, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to academic excellence exemplify the values and spirit of our association and King Ceasor University as a whole.

As we reflect on the enriching experiences gained during the Medical Research Exchange Program, let us continue to uphold the spirit of curiosity, collaboration, and excellence that defines KCU.

Once again, congratulations to our delegates for their outstanding performance and representation. Your achievements serve as a source of inspiration for us all, and we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of MSAKCU on the global stage.

Empowering KCU Library User Community: Training on E-Resources usage and new book arrivals

In a bid to enhance access and use of the physical and Electronic resources at King Ceasor University (KCU) Library, user training has been designed. The user training is geared to enhance access to reliable and up-to-date information relevant to every field. Thus, recently we have witnessed a notable initiative where nursing students have undergone comprehensive training sessions focused on e-resource access and utilization. These training programs aim to familiarize students with various digital and remote access platforms, databases, and tools essential for evidence-based practice and continuous learning.

The impact of such training initiatives extends beyond the realm of academia, with far-reaching implications for the library user community. Empowering nursing students and other library users with the skills to harness the power of e-resources not only enhances their academic journey but also prepares them to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare practice with confidence and proficiency.

The KCU Library team has planned to conduct related training to other user groups to ensure that relevant resources are accessible and used in a timely fashion in support of innovative teaching, learning and research in the entire KCU community.   

Additionaly we are pleased to announce the arrival of an exciting array of Computer Forensics books at our Library. Dive into the fascinating world of digital investigation, cybersecurity, and data analysis with these latest additions to our collection.

We remain committed to supporting your academic and research endeavors by providing access to cutting-edge resources and fostering a culture of continuous learning within our community.

Best regards,

Eric Keziron Oloo

University Librarian, KCU Library

Medical Students Association of King Ceasor University(MSAKCU) wins FUMSA Football Championship​

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Its with great pride to announce that our association has emerged victorious in the highly anticipated FUMSA (Federation of Uganda Medical Students’ Association) Football Championship 2024, held at Kabale University. Our team’s dedication, teamwork, and skill have propelled us to clinch the championship trophy, marking a significant achievement for MSAKCU and King Ceaser University in general

The journey to this triumph has been one filled with perseverance, determination, and unity. Our players demonstrated exceptional talent and sportsmanship throughout the tournament, showcasing the spirit of excellence that defines our association. From the intense matches on the field to the unwavering support of our fans, every moment contributed to this remarkable victory.

Competing against formidable opponents from various medical universities across Uganda, our team exhibited resilience and strategic prowess, securing decisive victories on our path to the finals. In the championship match against a strong contender, our players exhibited remarkable skill and determination, culminating in a hard-fought yet well-deserved win.

This triumph is not only a testament to the athletic abilities of our team but also reflects the values of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance that are ingrained in the ethos of MSAKCU. It is a moment of pride for our association, our university, and all those who have supported us along this exhilarating journey.

As we celebrate this victory, let us also extend our appreciation to the organizing committee, volunteers, and supporters who contributed to the success of the FUMSA Football Championship 2024. Your dedication and passion have made this event a memorable experience for all involved.

Once again, congratulations to our victorious team for bringing home the championship trophy. Let us cherish this moment and look forward to many more achievements in the future.

King Ceasar University Selected to Host 23rd FUMSA General Assembly

We are excited to announce that  King Ceasor University Medical Students Association has been chosen to host the 23rd Annual General Assembly of the Federation of Ugandan Medical Students’ Associations (FUMSA). This prestigious event will take place on the KCU main campus in Bunga, Kampala.

The FUMSA General Assembly is a significant event that brings together medical students from across Uganda. It serves as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and fostering unity among future medical professionals.  This year’s theme, “Uniting Medical Students for a Healthier Uganda,” perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the assembly.

As the host institution, KCU  is dedicated to creating a welcoming and productive environment for all attendees. The assembly will feature a variety of events, including:

  • Guest lectures from prominent Ugandan medical professionals
  • Workshops on clinical skills development and leadership training
  • Interactive sessions focused on healthcare challenges and solutions in Uganda
  • Opportunities for networking and social interaction with fellow medical students

This is a tremendous honor for KCU and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our Medical Students Association. Hosting the FUMSA General Assembly allows us to showcase our commitment to medical education and student well-being, while also playing a vital role in strengthening the medical student community across Uganda.

We look forward to welcoming our fellow medical students to KCU for an unforgettable experience!


Karugaba Vicent