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ISSUE 12, Volume 1

Friday, 20th Oct. 2023

Celebrating diversity and new beginnings: King Ceasor University's unforgettable cultural gala and Freshers Bash 2023

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On the 30th Sept. 2023, curtains opened on one of the most vibrant and unforgettable events of the year: The Cultural Gala and Freshers Bash 2023 at King Ceasor University. With a heart full of enthusiasm and a sense of belonging that filled the air, students gathered to celebrate diversity, art, and new beginnings. The Cultural Gala was a colorful tapestry of traditions from around the world as students showcased their unique cultural heritage through music, dance, and fashion. The vibrant performances transported us from one corner of the globe to another allowing us to experience the beauty and richness of our global community.

From the rhythmic beats of traditional African drumming to the elegant grace of classical traditional outfits, the Cultural Gala was a testament to the multicultural essence of King Ceasor University. The event not only entertained but also educated, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our diverse student body.

The Freshers Bash held as part of the gala was a welcoming party that introduced our newest members to King Ceasor University community. Our freshers forged connections and friendships that will last throughout their academic journey setting the stage for an enriching and supportive University experience

The editorial team wishes to Congratulate Bafumbira students for their outstanding victory at the Cultural Gala event! their talent, dedication, and cultural pride shone brightly, making us all incredibly proud. Their vibrant performances were a testament to the rich heritage they represent and we remain thankful for sharing your culture with us.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who organized and participated in these memorable events. They remind us of the magic that can happen when we come together as one community. Here’s to a year filled with learning, growth and  continued celebration of our shared humanity.

Editorial Team

KCU Newsletter

KCU School of Law participates in the Great Lakes Regional training on International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in Rwanda

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King Ceasor University School of Law had the honor of participating in the Great Lakes Regional Training Program in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, held in Kigali, Rwanda from October 8th to October 14th, 2023.  The School of Law was represented by SHAMIM AKAMPURIRA and ALEX HALERA who engaged in a friendly competition with law students from Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. Together, they examined a hypothetical case that highlighted multiple violations of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights that have persisted in the Great Lakes Region since the 1990s. This endeavor was accompanied by BONNYLOVE INGABIRE, a lecturer from the Faculty of Law.

The week-long event provided a distinctive platform for research, training, and debate skills under the theme, “Armed Conflicts and Biodiversity Conservation in the Great Lakes Region: Assessment and Prospects.” It also contributed to the expansion of regional networks, with over 300 participants from previous editions actively sharing knowledge and information related to International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

We wish to express our profound appreciation to IPEACE for affording us this invaluable opportunity and to the King Ceasor University Administration for their unwavering support whenever needed.




King Ceasor University represented at the second CUUL annual research dissemination Conference

I had the privilege to represent our institution at the recent research dissemination conference organized by the Consortium of Uganda University Libraries (CUUL). The conference was graced by various publishers and Academic Library software dealers, including EIFL, EBSCO, MyLOFT, MALLORY, RENU, Drillbit, RemoteXs, Clarivate, figshare, and Sempter Tool. One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation of various research areas that are shaping the future of libraries and academic knowledge. Topics ranged from the implications of Artificial Intelligence in libraries to discussions on information literacy and the challenges posed by the Infodemic, the session also covered policy challenges associated with establishing institutional repositories, effective research data management, metadata, and the principles of open science.

Am grateful to the management of KCU for the facilitation to attend such an iconic event which will widen research and publication frontiers at KCU and beyond.

Eric Keziron Oloo

University Librarian

King Ceasor University School of Law joins the world to commemorate the 21st World Day against the death penalty

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King Ceasor University School of Law joined the rest of the world to commemorate the 21st World Day against the Death Penalty. The school came alive with the spirit of advocacy, education, and commemoration. The evening’s centerpiece was undoubtedly Mr. Sylvester Kiberu’s presentation. As a Law student at King Ceasor University, Mr. Kiberu’s passion for justice and human rights was evident in his thought-provoking paper. With eloquence and conviction, he explored the complex issues surrounding the death penalty, making a compelling case against its continued use.

Mr. Kiberu highlighted the potential for wrongful convictions and the irreversible nature of the death penalty. Adding a unique and poignant perspective to the event were former death row inmates who had been exonerated. Their stories served as a stark reminder of the human cost of wrongful convictions and the irreversibility of the death penalty. Their presence reinforced the importance of actively advocating for change and ensuring that justice is not only served but also seen to be served.

The commemorative chief guest Dr. Livingstone Sewanyana a renowned human rights advocate and scholar provided expert insights on the global landscape of human rights and the death penalty. His valuable perspectives illuminated the interconnectedness of human rights and the fight against capital punishment emphasizing the need for continued international efforts to abolish the practice.


The Quest for glory: King Ceasor University League Season 2 returns

King Ceasor University League is a League organized internally for King Ceasor University fraternity, with 6 teams battling it out for the honor of being crowned King Ceasor University football champions.The League was founded by Leackey Arinda in 2021 but the first season started officially in September 2022 after being adopted by the 4th Guild government led by His Excellency Alinur Amin.

The objectives of the league were/are as follows:

Promoting preparation: To assist students in distinguishing between effort and ability, fostering self-discipline, and enhancing the value of preparation through performance analysis.

Building resilience: The League serves as an exemplary model for managing disappointment and adversity. Students dedicate extra time to fitness and addressing specific weaknesses in their game within their respective teams or clubs.

Emphasizing attitude Control: Students learn that a confident attitude positively impacts their performance, and they gain insights into managing and improving their attitude.

Instilling long-term thinking: Participants discover the importance of sacrificing immediate gratification for long-term gains.

Fostering relationships: Through football, students forge connections with their teammates, providing a valuable socialization platform.

Promoting diversity: The league brings together players from various backgrounds, including public, private, and local community clubs, promoting a multicultural environment within the university.

Community engagement: The league creates a sense of community, offering both participants and spectators the experience of belonging to a larger collective. It contributes positively to the larger community, as demonstrated by our previous successes such as the FUMSA tournament 

The League is home to some of the famous players and managers in University football. The league takes place every Semester and involves the teams playing each other home and away across the season, a total of 30 matches. Three points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw, and none for a defeat, the team with the most points at the end of the season is crowned as King Ceasor University League champions

If any clubs finish with the same number of points, their position in the League table is determined by goal difference, then the number of goals scored, then the team who collected the most points in the head-to-head matches, then who scored most away goals in the head-to-head. Since the League began in 2022, there has only been one winner Stallions FC that was crowned in November last year.

The second season of the King Ceasor University League Starts on the 21st of October 2023 with 6 teams participating including;

  1. Bachelors FC
  2. KCU United
  3. Kingdom Boyz FC
  4. King’s Palace
  5. Senior Clerks
  6. Young boys

League updates will be provided via KCU Sports app, KCU Newsletter, Twitter-@kculeague, Instagram – @kculeague and the Guild accounts



Leackey Arinda

Chairperson games Union and Minister of sports King Ceasor University.



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Look at people who have become successful in your community. You will realize one thing about them, they believe in themselves; they are strong; they are also self-motivated. They have energy and the energy they have is positive and so, it safeguards them through good and bad situations. It draws opportunities close to them like a magnet.

Believing in yourself is a way that can make you become successful in your studies. It is your internal battery that will keep you moving towards success. It is what will give you the drive to become successful during school and even after school