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Welcome to the Department of Business and Management at KCU where educating the next generation of Business Managers has been our mission. The school members offer distinctive personal instruction, mentoring, and advising to each and every student. Our goal is to work closely with students to prepare them to be successful business leaders and wealth multipliers.

The Department team is committed to developing forward-thinking, innovative leaders who are prepared to solve problems within the rapidly changing global business environment. We aim at achieving equity in access, student success, and high-quality learning for each of our students. Innovation is a recurring and unifying theme at KCU. We are in a changing world and we MUST change the way we teach and do Business.

We hope this website section will make our diversity, equity, and inclusion work for our growing community. We are the destination of a Better World. Our growth and focus are influenced by the desired future.  

I would like to cordially invite all of you who are interested in expanding your knowledge and enriching your careers to explore our school either online or visit our campus.

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BY: Mr. Richard Wemesa

Welcome to King Ceasor University Department of Economics (DoE) a one-stop Centre for excellent teaching and research in Economics. As you may be aware, Economics is a diverse, fascinating discipline that addresses a range of contemporary issues in life and plays a central role in shaping society at every level. The King Ceasor University DoE offers academically rigorous and culturally rich programs that one may not afford to miss out on if one qualifies to undertake them.

Over the years, King Ceasor University DoE has attracted the very best students across the world and as such after their studies here at King Ceasor University, they have been placed in renowned organizations like the World Bank, IMF, AfDB, UNDP, Bank of Uganda, National Planning Authority, Ministry of Finance and other Ministries and Departments of Government, Private Sector, various commercial banks, and Local Government Planning Units among others. Hence DoE alumni are very active players in the policy-making arena both nationally and internationally.

The Department of Economics provides you with an environment in which you can study your chosen courses in depth, whilst becoming fully involved in all aspects of University life. Furthermore, not only will you be a King Ceasor University DoE student but upon completion of your course you will become a King Ceasor University DoE alumnus, thus beginning what we hope will be a life-long association with the King Ceasor Department of Economics.

We’re confident that your time at King Ceasor University DoE will be both enjoyable and rewarding, providing you with knowledge and experience that will prove hugely beneficial in your future academic, personal, and professional careers.

I would wish to assure you that we provide you with great opportunities for study and research here at King Ceasor University DoE.

We welcome those who wish to study, conduct research, and any other collaboration with the King Ceasor University Department of Economics.