Avoid wasting time

Make Yourself Successful in Your Studies

Avoid wasting time

Time that is wasted during school time never comes back. This is the reason why, at the end of each term or semester, a student who wasted his or her time will begin to panic and also wonder where all of the time exited. In the same way, it is the same reason why at an adult age, anyone who did not use his or her time well during school sometimes regrets when life becomes more difficult or demanding to him or her. Otherwise, if you use your time profitably. You will never have any worries at the end of each term or semester.

 This is because you have used your time to achieve whatever you needed before the end of the semester. Remember there are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and about 30 days in a month. This is the same for everyone or for every student. No student in school has more time than the other. Students who fail each term as compared to the students who succeed in their studies each term or semester have the same time to use during their school time.

 The difference only lies in the way each student uses his or her time. Good use of time is something that is never taught most times. Yet it is one of the great things that can make a difference in our lives during studying. This means that it is upon us to learn how to make good use of our time studying. If we do this well, we shall then become successful in our studies. I say to you once again that time is equally precious to any student during his or her

school time. For example, time spent during school doing something meaningful will always pay fruitfully in time to come. This is the reason why he/she who devotes much of his or her time to what he/she does at school determines what he or she becomes in the future. For the case of students, if you decide to spend your time judiciously learning in school, it is very true that you will become educated, knowledgeable, and skillful.

You will, in other words, become the professional you want to become after your studies.The most successful professionals like professors, judges, writers, and consultants you have ever heard of know this. It is for this reason that they have been successful in life. This is very true also in the other disciplines. For instance, if you choose to spend most of your time doing business, you will then become a good businessman. If you decide to spend t most of your time dancing, you will then become a good dancer. If you decide to spend most of your time in the bar drinking alcohol, you will then become a good alcoholic, and if you spent most of your time in school learning, there is no doubt, you will become skilled, educated, and highly professional in whatever you want to become.


During my school time and particularly secondary school, we had a rule that insisted on ‘doing the right thing at the right time and in the right place’. This was a great rule although we never appreciated its importance at that given moment. In accordance to this rule, we were able to study during class time, revise our books after classes, eat on time, socialize with others, and sleep or relax at the right time.

This is great because this rule trained us never to waste or abuse time. If you are a student now and, occasionally, you are abusing or wasting your daytime attending classes to sleep or relax with friends, there is no doubt that the consequences of not attending classes will be reflected in your performance. 

More still, if you are a student right now and you are abusing your class time to sleep or visit friends, you will automatically underperform in your studies. On the other hand, if you are a business person now and you are abusing your business time of serving customers to sleep, you will lose out on the customers that come to you and, consequently, your business will suffer losses.


Remember the time we have each day is precious and, therefore, not ever to be wasted. Time and tides wait for no man. This means that time wasted is never to be recovered. Because of this, we need to avoid wasting time or we need to learn how to invest our time well as students so that we can become successful in our studies. The question is, how can a student make good use of his or her time? The best way to make good use of your time as a student is to learn how to use your time well.

Kaweesa Simon Peter,

Patron Writers Club,

King Ceasor University

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