King Ceasor University – TGHN Oxford University Collaboration

Advertisement for The Oxford University Post Graduate Diploma in Global Health Research

In an effort to fulfil its capacity development mandate, King Ceasor University has deliberately sought out collaborations with some of the leading universities in the world.

Suffice to say, King Ceasor University has held a range of discussions with The Global Health Network (TGHN), a University of Oxford Research working group based in The Nuffield Department of Medicine, Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health working with frontline health workers in Africa, Asia and Latin America to build lasting capabilities for research to address the diseases that they treat and manage in their patients.

Oxford University has approved and is set to commence a Post Graduate Diploma in Global Health Research in October 2023, aimed at equipping students with a thorough understanding of the steps and processes required to conduct high quality and ethically framed studies within the contextual realities of resource constrained settings.

Part of the discussions and engagements with TGHN – Oxford University yielded provision for priority consideration of King Ceasor University staff for scholarships to the Post Graduate Diploma in Global Health Research. This consideration will be for all applicants that meet the eligibility criteria of the programme and apply before 9th December 2022.

As King Ceasor University advances its research agenda in medical and public health spheres, management encourages all staff that are eligible to apply for the Post Graduate Diploma in Global Health Research programme at TGHN – Oxford University before 9th December 2022 to be considered for the available scholarships.

For more information, please visit the Oxford University’s course pages for further details about the course and how to apply.

For informal inquiries, email: [email protected]