School of Computing

King Ceasor’s School of Computing and Engineering strives to provide students with a foundational understanding of their chosen subject area as well as the abilities needed to apply their study to real-world challenges. Our teaching consistently receives high NSS satisfaction levels, and many of our courses offer a diversified and interesting approach to teaching and learning, with project-based activities in all years, invited speakers, and access to cutting-edge technology in a variety of specialized labs around campus.

The department is particularly active in research and has been successful in obtaining funding from both national and international bodies, as well as collaborating with domestic and international businesses. Computing Foundations, Software Systems Engineering, and Computational Science are among our specialties.

In partnership with EC_Council, we’ve introduced new short certificate courses for specialty and these include:

 Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

 Certified Blockchain Professional course

 Certified Encryption Specialist

 Certified cloud Engineer.


King Ceasor University invites applications for January 2023-2024 Academic Year Intake.

You can view the lists of programs and corresponding fees structure here. Thank you.