King Ceasor University (KCU, formerly St. Augustine International University) was established in 2009 and became operational in 2011 to provide outstanding educational opportunities for students from diverse cultures and educational background grounded in a culture of developing lifelong skills that enable successful participation in society.

KCU was established with the core mission of multiplying wealth and providing excellent education in and around the East African Region, Africa and the world as a whole.

The university’s vision is to be recognized as a moral rearmament, wealth creation and innovation-driven University and its mission is to pursue research, teaching, and learning of international distinctions, be academically current, innovative, and responsive to local and global community needs. The academic programs in the various colleges are designed to be always evolving to meet market needs and the emphasis of each curriculum is on critical thinking, problem-solving, communications, collaboration and leadership.

KCU established an e-Learning platform, dubbed the KCU eLearning platform in 2017, to prepare for a Tech-driven educational environment as a leading Online Virtual Classroom institute in Uganda today. The capacity of the KCU e – learning system to host students connecting from all over the continent and beyond has since increased, thanks to the National Council for Higher Education’s (NCHE) supervision and control and approval.

Students now can attend classes online, access reading materials, submit assignments, and submit projects and assessments. Lecturers can also lecture in real time, pre-record lectures, publish course materials (video, audio, and text), and effectively administrate exams.


Over 20 diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s programs are available at KCU, all of which are aimed to build a cadre of professionals with integrity, critical thinking skills, logical reasoning, and independent judgment.
The programs are available in three semesters: January and September. Because of a long-standing track record of discipline, integrity, and professionalism that is consistent with the KCU brand, our students are in high demand in the employment market.


Our educational philosophy combines physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth with traditional academic learning, in keeping with our motto of ‘Moral Re-armament and Wealth Creation.’ KCU alumni are well-rounded individuals who can reason and evaluate problems, work well in groups, and are trustworthy.

Every year, KCU hosts a graduation ceremony and issues transcripts on graduation day, allowing our graduates to enter the job market faster. Our students receive their certifications as soon as they complete their studies.


Our well-equipped modern library provides a welcoming learning environment that fosters our research and academic objectives. In the spacious terrace, 1000 students can sit, 200,000 books can be stored, and 100 computers can be used.
Our campuses, with their dazzling green spaces, breathtaking surroundings, and architectural styles, create spectacular settings for learning, relaxing, and entertaining.

In addition to its three computer labs, which are primarily used for teaching and research, and the use of online library services, KCU has 80 percent WiFi coverage.