KCU School of Medicine

Provision of outstanding Learning experience essential to a great medical career

In the School of Medicine at KCU, we offer a number of different medical & medical related courses, and these includes the following: Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), Diploma in Clinical Medicine, Bachelor of Nursing etc. We have well equipped labs and library to aid and enhance great learning experiences.

The medical degree leads to qualification which is registered with the General Medical Council and allows the border to practice medicine in various specialties. On completion, the degrees of MB, BBCH are awared, where MB is Bachelor of Medicine, BBCH is a bachelor of Surgery.

The degree that extends over five (5)years is integrated, system based, and student centered. THe scientific background to medicine is taught alongside clinic medicine.  The focus throughout our degree program is on landing rather than teaching, and there is a strong emphasis on clinical skilld with teahing in hospitals from as early as the second semester of the first year and the 4th and the final are entirely clinical.

 The teaching Hospitals where our medical students who are in clinical classes are trained are:
Mulago National Referral Hospital 

Mulago Hospital was founded in 1913,and is the main National Regional Hospital for the entire country and a teaching hospital for the Makerere College of Health Sciences. It also serves as a general hospital for the Kampala metropolitan.


Kiruddu General Hospital 

Kiruddu Referral Hospital is in the neighborhood of Kiruddu, on Buziga Hill, in Makindye Division, one of the five administrative units of the Kampala Capital City Authority. The hospital opened to the public on 16 May 2016. Kiruddu has two mail specialties including Internal Medicine and burns and plastic surgery. As at August 2016, Kiruddu Hospital’s fourteen outpatient clinics attends to about 250 patients daily.


Kawempe National Referral Hospital

The hospital is in Kawempe Division, one of the five administrative units of the Kampala Capital City Authority. This location is approximately 5 kilometres, by road, north of Mulago National Referral Hospital. 

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

If you’re looking to enrol into medical profession, these are available best medical related degrees for you to choose from.

King Ceasor University School of Medicine offers a list of medical related courses at both degree and diploma level. The available medical courses includes:

-> Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

-> Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health

    Why Study Here?

    The medical courses offered in King Ceasor University are executed and taught by well trained lecturers with a track record of competence and excellence. No wonder the University is quite sought after in Africa and beyond. The University has produced at least 30+ medical doctors and Clinical officers (MBChB & DCM respectively) from over 20 different countries around the world. 

    Our graduates are well equipped for wealth creation and are morally sound once they step out into their respective fields of desired specialization.