Job Title: Nursing Lab Technologist

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King Ceasor University (KCU) is located in Bunga, Kampala District and was granted accreditation
status by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) on 26 th September 2011. KCU has since grown to one of Uganda’s biggest and best medical training University in Uganda. It’s now in the process of obtaining a Charter and becoming the first Medical University in Africa with moral rearmament by 2028.

Job details

The technologist will assist students in the nursing programs to meet previously determined clinical learning outcomes. Assisting and guiding the student’s performance in laboratory settings will accomplish this. The technologist works under the direction of faculty to provide mastery of learning opportunities for students.

Duties and Responsibilities for the above posts:

  • Schedule the operation of the nursing laboratory
  • Monitor student performance when applying skills and care procedures that have been
  • previously taught in the program
  • Schedule appointment and provides remediation to 1-20 students per hour for programs in the School of Nursing
  • Organizes and conducts demonstrations reviewing correct procedures to determine learning assignments for large groups (up to 120 students)
  • Organizes and demonstrates procedures and related information (e.g. independent mandatory hours)
  • Accommodates every level of student, both programs, for dosage calculations, both in groups and remediation on a 1-1 basis for students experiencing math difficulties
  • Provides orientation and support to all full-time and part-time faculty regarding lab skills
  • Liaises with local hospitals to maintain currency of equipment and clinical skills
  • Provides orientation and testing of skills for transfer and re-entry students
  • Facilitates students who have missed mandatory clinical and/or lab experiences (i.e. review with student course content missed)
  • Schedules emergency appointments and works with students who are in jeopardy of failing clinical component
  • Provide support and guidance to peer tutors
  • Maintain an open line of communication with students, faculty and part-time instructors working in the same semester of the program and with staff in the assigned clinical area
  • Keep students posted on their progress by communicating and providing technical advice regarding specialized procedures
  • Keep records on student performance of required procedures
  • Collaborate with assigned faculty to set-up clinical objectives for students
  • Invigilation of lab tests
  • Responsible for preparation, organization and cleanup of lab complex
  • Promote quality improvement and safety within lab complex
  • Research current equipment and orders supplies and equipment
  • And any ther duties as assigned.


  • The ideal candidate must possess a minimum of a four (4) year degree and/or applicable education or experience. B.Sc. Nursing. is required. Must possess Diploma in and Certificate in Nursing. Must be registered with the Nursing body


  • Determining laboratory learning experiences for students.
  • Providing lab time and experience for students who have missed program components, transfer and re-entry students, or students that require remediation to grasp particular practical components of program of study.
  • Development of materials & resources; maintain currency of equipment and clinical skills.


  • Planning student lab experiences.
  • Planning for lab orientation activities.
  • Planning for the provision of support and guidance to peer tutors.

Please forward your resume and application letter to [email protected]

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